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The outcome of the highest barometric pressure on earth (800 mm of Hg) is an oxygen-rich air by as much as 3.3-4.8%. Along with unpolluted, allergen-free and dry air, comfortable temperatures and low rainfall, the Dead Sea area provides, in many cases, a simple way of improving the patient's symptoms, without dependence on artificial equipment.

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Fig 2. Daily Barometric Pressure/hour (mbar) at the Dead Sea Area

Careful monitoring, intensive physiotherapy and rehabilitative treatment, including Dead Sea baths and sun exposure, are involved in the protocol of treatment, however patients suffering from lung disease do not undergo complex procedures. They benefit from the Natural Health Spa atmosphere as a day and night therapy, showing, as in a recent study, significantly increased levels of arterial oxygenation (SaO2), sleep oximetry and an improved exercise performance. 

Additional treatment, if needed, includes Inhalation-therapy, which does not differ from the classical management of the disease, which includes education of patient to avoid trigger factors, together with the possibility to plan regular and rescue treatment .


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activiites for CF patients
Activities for CF patients

For patients undergoing chronic oxygen therapy who are limited by dependence on an artificial oxygen source, this therapeutic modality offers an opportunity to improve functional capacity, enhance their quality of life and increase their independence as well as their psychological well-being.

Experience with Cystic Fibrosis patients at the Dead Sea area began in 1994, as significant rise in oxygen saturation, improved lung function and subjective well being were documented in a pilot study on 73 patients. Since then many European patients spent 3 weeks in a Winter Camp at the Dead Sea, and appreciate this treatment modality. 

Quality of life, enjoyable surroundings, physical activities, physiotherapy and proper medical care in an oxygen rich environment represents the major targets for the CF Clinic at the Dead Sea.

During the whole stay, patients are subject to medical control and guidance, in an atmosphere far removed from that of hospital. The medical staff is easily available, while the presence of other patients suffering from the same disease facilitates social contacts. Psychological counseling, nutritionist, group therapy and complementary medical services are also available, and they contribute to the successful holistic management of the various disease entities treated at the Dead Sea. 


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